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Image by yns plt
Image by yns plt

Adult sessions run from the age of 17 years upwards. Chalks oldest participant is 72 years old; this shows the diversity of this treatment and activity.

We want to dispel the myth that you must be of a certain build and strength to climb. This is so far from the truth! If you are able to walk unaided up the stairs and hold a cup of tea, then you are fit enough to climb. This treatment is not all about the physicality; it is more to do with the irrational fear we have created, lack of trust with others and with ourselves. It is very much about personal growth in all aspects of our lives. 


Our adult group is a mixed sex group and many of our climbers have experienced mental and physical health difficulties, including addiction and depression.  We come together in a fun, safe and supportive environment where adults can overcome barriers, personal challenges and accomplish something for themselves, as well as sharing in the elation of watching others achieve too! Our climbers are accomplishing things they never thought possible; gaining in strength, trust and abilities.  All of our climbers are unique but come together as one to climb, laugh and get well!

Chalk `receives referrals from all major adult mental health services such as Pentreath, Seetec PLUSS, Health works Cornwall, Social prescribers throughout the south west.

Image by Rahadiansyah
from one of our referrals

' I’ve had a really positive experience with The Chalk Effect. The referral process was much more efficient and proactive than with other things I’ve been referred to, which have required a lot more effort on my part (not something that’s easy with anxiety). That ease of getting involved was experienced throughout. My anxiety levels were definitely raised going in but everyone was so welcoming, warm and friendly, that I always felt safe to voice any difficulty I might have. The instruction and encouragement for the climbing itself was brilliant and the balance was just right, so that when I was climbing it felt like just me and the challenge of the wall. The climbing was a great challenge because it very quickly presented me with obstacles which were out of my comfort zone, which I didn’t feel I could do. In the failure or success it didn’t matter because I had come out of my comfort zone. I definitely finished a lot of the climbs feeling amazed at myself for having done them. Jordan and the people at The Chalk Effect are very good at bringing the best out of people.

Many Thanks

Matt '

Image by Bradley Dunn
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