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one to one


Preparing to Climb

One to one therapy sessions are for all ages.

These personalised sessions are particularly important to those who are living with heightened anxiety and/or depression, living in fear of new environments and those who struggle in group settings. These sessions are more in-depth and tailored to individuals' with specific needs/requirements. These sessions have been very popular with autistic adults and children, children with sensory conditions, children with special educational needs and those with ADHD. These individuals respond well to the physicality and problem solving that comes with this type of activity. It helps strengthen coordination, problem solving, balancing with distractions, planning of routes and concentration. The aim of our one to one sessions is to build trusting relationships and encourage honest and open communication. The adult sessions are more solution based, offering my personal experiences in recovery.



Image by Elahe Motamedi

'The best view comes from the hardest climbs'

Image by Derick Anies
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