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Experiences. Empowerment. Connection. Science This is what the Chalk Project is all about. Jordan and I (Yasmin), have been working on expanding what Chalk offer in terms of evidence-based therapeutic interventions and creating more noise about what we do and why it works. We both have experience of struggling with mental health, but very different types of struggles. This helps us to see things from different perspectives. It helps us to create a more person-centered approach in our understanding of mental health. Climbing has been the most effective form of therapy for both myself and Jordan, it goes beyond being just a physical activity (more to come on that in future posts). Jordan has spent so much time and energy building a fantastic intervention for people here in Cornwall; I'm so thrilled to be helping him develop this further, offering advice on relevant psychological principles and wellbeing interventions. Our energy is fantastic because we are both passionate and excited about the potential growth and expansion of Chalk. We both learn a lot from each other and this knowledge and experience is pushing Chalk to some new and exciting avenues. Jordan has a very natural understanding with the clients, it's great to see how much this benefits our clients and encourages them to believe in themselves.

Thank you to Ellie at The Tide for these pictures The Tide Climbing Centre We are in the process of planning a trauma group at The Tide starting in Sept/Oct. We feel very blessed and positive about the future of Chalk, and Jordan regularly conveys how much he values every single volunteer and member of staff who make Chalk what it is. It's a team effort .

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