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The Team

Hi i'm Jordan, I discovered climbing from a very young age, but only up until recently I have realised it has always been my go to place to help me through many of my own struggles. From everyday issues to addiction and mental health I have always found it to be the only thing that has helped physically, mentally and also socially. With this learning I realised I wanted to give back and offer climbing to others and the same opportunities that have helped me.

So 'The Chalk Effect Climbing Project' was born.


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Hey, I'm Dale.  Climbing is my main passion in life, it helps me focus and stay strong but I also love the social of it all. 

Teaching climbing allows me to introduce this great world to other people. 


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Hi, I'm Ali. Climbing brings me a lot of peace and fun, especially when I'm outside in nature. For me, working with the challenges of climbs and enjoying the flow of movement is a wonderful way of focusing and clearing my mind. I love to share this with other people and think it's a great way of building friendships.


Hello I’m AK. I discovered how GREAT climbing is down here in Cornwall. When I climb it’s all I can think about, which does wonders for my mind - on top of that it’s amazing fitness! I love the climbing community and all its quirks. Sharing all the things I enjoy about climbing brings me tons of joy!

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