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The Team

Hi i'm Jordan, I discovered climbing from a very young age, but only up until recently I have realised it has always been my go to place to help me through many of my own struggles. From everyday issues to addiction and mental health I have always found it to be the only thing that has helped physically, mentally and also socially. With this learning I realised I wanted to give back and offer climbing to others and the same opportunities that have helped me.

So 'The Chalk Effect Climbing Project' was born.


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Hi I'm Emma, Having known Jordan for a very long time, seeing him go through some extremely tough times in his life. Chalk Climbing Project is now a thriving community created by one guy which now reaches out to many in the hope that it brings Joy, friendship, and new interests all the while creating and maintaining a positive, healthy state of mind. Seeing what he has created makes me want to be more involved each and every day!


Hi I'm Dale, Climbing for me is a form of escape, a way to feel free from all the stresses of life.

The people we help discover climbing have been through a lot or are still struggling with certain aspects of their lives, just being there to help them find that peace within themselves, taking on a task and gaining that sense of achievement, being part of a group and encouraging others is why I like to help out at Chalk.


Hi I'm Yasmin, For me, The Chalk Effect Climbing Project combines two things I'm most passionate about - climbing and psychology! The thing I love most about climbing is the lessons it teaches you about yourself. You have to face your insecurities and deal with failure. So many psychological aspects of climbing transfer to everyday life. I feel very blessed to be a part of the Chalk Team, and to be making a difference to the lives of individuals here in Cornwall.

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Hi i'm Mike,  I have made some amazing friends through climbing, and the whole community is really supportive. Volunteering at the Chalk Project allows me to encourage the same support to new climbers and share the joy I find in overcoming the physical and mental challenges of getting on the wall.

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Hi, I'm Siobhan. My role within Chalk is to work with groups and individuals on their careers options and support with future planning during and on completion of interventions. 

In my spare time, I enjoy bouldering and love the physical challenges and mental benefits that come from climbing. 

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Hey, I'm Georgie. I first came across the chalk project when I heard about the empowering women climbing group. From then I fell in love with climbing. After the group ended I was lucky enough to join the chalk team. The chalk project helped me learn to cope with my physical and mental health in a healthier way.Ever since starting with the chalk team my life has changed for the better. 

Joining the chalk team gives me the opportunity to give back and help others the same way I was helped.

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