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Check out our new Video!!

I am very pleased to share with you, the new Chalk promo video. Thank you to all the ladies that enrolled, turned up each week, give it their all, pushed themselves to accomplish their target goals, supported one another and laughed and cried together. I am in awe of every one of them, so beautiful, so strong so lovely.

Thank you to Choas Group for funding this project, they have been a great advocate of Chalk from very early on and I really appreciate their generosity and support.

I am hoping this will inspire and encourage not only females but males also. As I have shared before, the male groups I have created in the past fall off quite quick. As a man who went through some real tough challenges, community support is what makes a real difference to our well being and out look on life, the feeling I am not alone and relatability is essential in recovery, adding a physical activity into our recoveries that we can share with peers has shown to make a real difference in our day to day lives.

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