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Ladies and Gents, we are back!!

It was a sad time this winter, all of our fundings had ran out and since leaving the EU it's been extremely difficult to get funds for our cause. We thought that was it, we even said good bye to everybody and shut our doors thinking it was all over.

But HELL NO!!!

After applying for every funding application under the sun we have finally managed to get some money back in the Chalk Project bank, to help all you people that need it the most.

Thanks to the National Lottery Community Fund we can open our doors again and start some new climbing sessions.

It's not a huge amount, so we are going to have to be very delicate about what it's spent on, so we are putting some time into working out what sessions would be best and when and where we will be running them.

So keep your eyes open, and hopefully be climbing with you soon .

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