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Joined a rock climbing gym this week and my forearms have never been so sore. It feels good to be challenged and moved in a new way.

I had read that Yoga and Rock climbing are similar but I didn’t realize how similar until I was 20 feet up the wall and panicking. There is always a point when you get stuck, you’re halfway up and there just doesn’t seem to be a way to move any higher up the wall. Looking down sucks, the grips are not ideal and you’re losing endurance. A few times I said, “I’m stuck!! Just let me down!” and I’d repel to the floor, met by my very encouraging and trustworthy belaying husband, but I still felt a little defeated. (Capricorn vibes lol)

The next time I found myself stuck on the wall, I heard someone across the gym yell to their partner, “just take a breath…you’ll find a way.” And in that moment, my practice met me on the wall. Inhale, exhale… smooth and steady. A moment to reach behind me one arm at a time to get some fresh chalk on my sweaty hands and then a new appraisal of the path. Was there something I overlooked, was there a hold I didn’t see, if I switch my feet will I have more leverage, is there something I ruled out because my mind said “I’m not strong enough for that”? (A little Ganesha mantra under my breath) and wildly and astonishingly the path became clear, my grip felt stronger and I found my way to the top.

What wall are you climbing? What has your palms clammy and nervous, what gets your heart racing and panicked? Pause, breathe, there is time to steady yourself, there is always another way up.

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